Integrated Education, Segregated Education, Dual Education (Integrated + Segregated)


Integrated Education

Integrated Education as the name suggests is a system that has been engineered in a way that special needs students attend classes along with ordinary students at a regular school. Most of the times, integrated education for special needs students is only available to those children with moderate or mild special needs. Sometimes, specialized approach and services are also provided either inside or outside the classroom depending on the service. A salient feature in such set-ups is resource rooms, where students with special needs often attend some sessions involving intensive instructions outside the regular classroom. Such extra-classroom activities may also be planned in case there is need for some special equipment for the training which might be disruptive to the rest of the regular class. Some of the extra-classroom services often include occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, rehabilitation counseling, physical therapy, and the likes.

Integrated education in special education is aimed at providing the child an integrated approach to learning, wherein the child can experience regular education while being aided by special services that help them with their individual difficulties.

Segregated Education

Segregated Education for special needs students on the other hand involves the segregation of special needs students into a special classroom or school. This means in this model of education, special needs students do not attend classes together with special need Children. In this type of education, the special needs students spend all of their instructional time in a separate classroom for students with special needs. In case their classrooms are located in an ordinary school, the students with special needs are allowed some chance for social integration out of the classroom, for instance eating meals with non-disabled students and the likes. This model is apt for children with deep special needs and disabilities. This allows them the time and space to find their own. Also the teachers and instructors get a chance to devote specialized time and effort on each child individually in comparison to integrated special needs education.

Dual Education (Integrated + Segregated)

Another type of special education in schools involves dual education that fuses both integrated and segregated education. In such a model, often a child is continuously assessed and allowed to shift between classes which are integrated or segregated based on individual needs at the time. In some classes special needs students may attend classes with non-disabled students based on the assessment of various factors that affect learning. And in other classes they attend classes only with special needs students when special care and teaching techniques are required. This kind of education is rather new and also throws pen a wider opportunity for children with special needs for better social integration.

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