Function Of The Special Educator In Developing Sitting Habits In A Child With Special Needs


Function Of The Special Educator In Developing Sitting Habits In A Child With Special Needs

In the last few years, special education has gained a lot of importance and popularity throughout the world. However, even now this type of an education system has some myths and superstitions wrapped around the concept. However, it is essential to break such myths and create an awareness of how special education and the professionals who help in educating children with special needs can bring about a meaningful change in the life of such children. A special educator has a very important role to play in the lives of children with special needs.

Skills of the Special Educator

The special educator cannot simply be any other teacher. Such a person is highly trained in taking care of children with special requirements. Hence, such an educator has to possess a very high level of patience as well as tolerance. Children who are educated by these professionals have a very low tolerance level and have a difficulty, in understanding complex situations at times. Hence, it can be a very big challenge to deal with them in an appropriate manner. The educator has to be tolerant at all times towards such children. It is necessary to teach them everything, slowly from the very basics. Hence, a high level of tolerance may be considered to be the most important trait for a special educator. It is a trait that such educators are trained to possess and hence cannot be derived from any other teacher.

Addressing Basic Issues

The special educator has to address some issues through certain skills and techniques. Children with special needs often suffer from issues of hyperactivity, temper and tantrums, loss or lack of self-control, a very low span of attention and so on. Hence, it is very essential for them to be taught how to sit at one place patiently and quietly. Such professionals go through rigorous training sessions and study a lot on this aspect in order to provide nothing but the best to these kids.

Teaching To Sit

The special educator also provides the children with a variety of different materials and objects to play with. This helps the children to develop concentration while playing with these and also teaches them how to be patient and sit quietly at one place for a while. Motivational tools may also be utilised for increasing the overall attention span of such children. The kids often find such tools to be very interesting and hence, they prefer to use them.

Challenges That Are Faced

Sitting quietly and patiently is a very important trait that needs to be developed in children with special needs and the role of the special educator in helping them develop such skills cannot be ignored. Special educators help to build self-control in such children and thus teach them to eliminate their hyper activeness. Very often such instructors face numerous challenges in their endeavours . At times, it is extremely difficult to convince the parents of a student that their child requires special training and attention. However, it is of utmost importance to make the parents understand and then help in the process of teaching the kids. With the cooperation of the parents, it is possible for the special educator to help such children develop the habit of sitting quietly.

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