Lack of attention in children may arise due to a brain disorder or difference called ADHD…..


Lack of Attention

Lack of attention in children may arise due to a brain disorder or difference called ADHD or ADD. More than 10 % of Indian children suffer from Attention Deficit disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit and Hypertension Disorder (ADHD) which causes teens and children to experience difficulty with concentration, attention, self-esteem and self-control. Research has been able to throw light on some of its causes.

The symptoms for ADD/ADHD are plenty. Though some symptoms may seem to be like normal behavior for a child, ADHD often makes it worse with time. Within 5 to 6 years of age, a child may show at least few of the following symptoms:

  • Forgets things often and gets distracted easily

  • Switches from one activity to the next rather quickly

  • Has trouble with grasping directions

  • Is lost in daydreams way too often

  • Has troubles finishing chores or homework

  • Loses objects like toys, school supplies a books very often

  • Squirms and Fidgets a lot

  • Interrupts people and talks non-stop

  • Is hyperactive and does a lot of running around

  • Is extremely impatient

  • Touches and engages in play with anything they spot or see

  • Blurts inappropriate words or comments frequently

  • Have some difficulty controlling emotions

In, such a case a diagnosis is very important. Consult a doctor or mental health specialist experienced with ADD or ADHD for a better diagnosis. Sooner diagnosis helps the child as there is no real cure for ADHD. But with therapy a child with ADHD could improve and get better. There are few medications available that helps your child focus and concentrate but are ridden with side effects. It is important to monitor your child regularly. On the other hand various therapeutic interventions like Behavioral Therapy may also help children cope up and control their behavior resulting in better performance at school or home.

Children with ADHD may benefit much from Special education. In case your child is diagnosed with ADD or ADHD you could consider special education to help your child. Special education will help develop a behavior plan for your child with the consultation of psychologists, special educators and other teachers. Special educators are experienced enough to formulate certain strategies that help to manage the classroom behavior. The special education curriculum for AD and ADHD ensures that the child is active and gets enough physical activity before and after school. Through special education, with the help of the educator, counselor and psychologist, you could also establish a consistent routine and structure at home for your child’s learning. You will also find a lot of help in understanding the required sleep and diet schedules that can affect the symptoms of AD or ADHD.

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