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Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a neuro-developmental disorder that mostly affects children at a very young age. A child with Autism faces social isolation and difficulties in learning speech and language skills. It also affects a child’s mental health as children with Autism are often seen to be suffering from poor mental conditions and anxiety from a very early age. Children suffering from Autism also face difficulties in educational fields, thus staying backwards from their fellow mates of the same age.

The most vital role of an intervention team at recognised centres dealing with the best Autism treatment in Kolkata, is to provide effective interventions to children with Autism. This is a very critical step for improving the outcomes of children with ASD. The ASD team includes important members like –

  • Special Educators – They look after the educational problems faced by a child with Autism. The most important role of a Special Educator is to bring a child who is academically backward, forward towards the mainstream. The centres with the best Autism treatment in Kolkata do this by taking care of the child’s developmental skills and plan strategies to improve on the areas where these children are lagging behind. A special educator will develop a special education plan known as Individualized Education Program (IEP). IEP is specially designed for children who need special education, and who are studying in mainstream schools. The Special Educators who are a part of this program, aim in providing special help to these children so that they can become self-independent, and achieve their goals. They believe that the child have the right to lead a good quality of life like their batchmates. The Special Educator first evaluates in which educational areas the child is facing difficulties. The teachers also examine his performance and activities in the classroom. Then these areas are further analysed to decide whether he/she is a candidate for receiving Special Education services. Then the appropriate treatment methods are decided accordingly by the Special Educator, after discussing with the child’s parents and other teachers. He or she is responsible for conducting effective classroom programs so as to help the child with Autism to lead a better quality of life. The main role of a Special Educator, therefore, is to improve those skills of the child that is required for academic achievement.


  • Behaviour Analysts –  Behavioral therapy is a vital part offered by centres dealing with the best Autism treatment in Kolkata. Behaviour Analysts assess the peculiarities of the child’s behaviour and the reasons behind them. During this assessment, it is often detected that the child’s behavioral traits are arising out of some other complexes, and not because he or she is suffering from Autism. They encourage the positive behaviour among the children and discouraging them from having negative thoughts. They are very important in any team for special education for Autism in Kolkata.


  • Occupational Therapists – Their primary role is to correct the body balance and neural sensations of a child with Autism, which in most cases, is lacking in them. This is done with the help of certain exercises and massaging techniques that are performed on the child. These procedures not only helps the brain to organise and process properly, but also increases its comprehensive power, hence developing the learning abilities of the child. Occupational Therapy, which is considered one of the best Autism treatment in Kolkata, therefore, not only enhances the reading and writing skills of the child, but also improves his/her cognitive skills. Occupational Therapists also teach these children to do their own things themselves, which include skills like dressing, eating, bathing, brushing teeth, tying shoes, and performing other simple tasks. All these treatment procedures are performed through play, which makes it a funny experience for the child – thus making it easier for them to learn.


  • Audiologists – they play an extremely crucial role in helping children with Autism to lead a better quality of life. Audiologists perform various diagnostic tests of these special children to analyse whether they are suffering from any hearing impairments. A proper hearing ability is a very vital thing especially for children as it is the perfect age to learn language and other communication skills, which would not be learnt well without hearing.


  • Speech Language Pathologists – they work in collaboration with Audiologists to analyse the speech and language impairments faced by these children. There are certain developmental milestones in speech and language skills which if not acquired correctly by the child at appropriate stages of his/her development may lead to delayed acquisition of speech and language. If there is any speech and/or language delays found in the child, then the speech therapist may teach him or her certain exercises and techniques helping him to speak.


  • Psychologists – Any recognised centre providing the best Autism treatment in Kolkata will have a responsible psychologist who plays a very important part in encouraging the children with Autism as well as their parents. He/she plays a vital role in counseling them towards the positive vibes and attitudes of life. They first perform a detailed Psychometric/Psychological assessment of the child to identify his mental age and IQ level. A psychologist also determines the severity of Autism Spectrum Disorder a child is suffering from. After going through these detailed analyses, it is decided which treatment procedure to go through so as to obtain the maximum results. They also help these children to become self-confident, and discourage them from thinking that they are alone or failing to achieve something. They also counsel the parents and teachers which is a very important role of the psychologist, as normally the parents do not easily accept the fact that their child is having Autism. Counseling them helps them not only to cope up with the mental trauma, but also help to maintain a positive atmosphere every time, so that children with Autism do not feel socially isolated with nobody supporting him or her. Apart from these, another important role of an ideal psychologist is to handle issues of anxiety that arise in a child out of various complications.

All of these skilled professionals works in collaboration with the Special Educator who is a part of an authorised centre for special education for Autism, and they work jointly to help the children lead his or her life much more easily and comfortably. After analysing the problems that a child with Autism is having in various fields, treatment is started accordingly. Structured and timely educational interventions and innovative techniques should be introduced by qualified educators responsible for the best Autism treatment in Kolkata. They should also aim in providing a systematic guidance so as to produce effective outcomes for learners with Autism.

Being a parent of a child with Autism, it is, however, your responsibility to maintain a happy and cheerful atmosphere so as to remove all negative vibes. In no way should the child feel ignored nor should he or she grow the impression that he or she is failing to succeed. It is solely your duty to make your child realise that he or she can do great things too and achieve great success in life. Your child with Autism has all the right to lead a better quality of life, and it is your duty to gift that to him or her.

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