How To Effectively Embark Upon Teaching Children With Learning Disability


Recently have your children been diagnosed with learning disabilities? Have that immediately shattered all your dreams and got you worried regarding how they would cope with the schooling. You need to stop thinking solely of the academic success and focus more on the end goal so that the child is finally happy with a fulfilling life. By encouraging and giving them the right support, teaching children with learning disability will become easy. They can build self-confidence with strong sense, and that will be helpful in a solid foundation for their lifelong success.

Tips While Teaching Children With Learning Disability

  • Things should be kept in perspective: One has to remember that every individual will face obstacles so while teaching children with learning disability, they should not be discouraged rather they should be given plenty of moral and emotional support.Don’t distract yourself with the tests, endless paperwork, and the school bureaucracies of the child.
  • Keep yourself updated: Research on the new developments that has been done on the learning disability programs, educational techniques, and therapies are to be investigated.The solution is not the teacher, doctor, or therapists but the advanced tools that would help their learning.
  • Be the child advocate: Take the role of the proactive person and work on the communication skills so that you can interact with the child with no difficulty.You have to keep yourself calm and reasonable so that you can notice a big difference in the child who is learning to cope with his/her issues.

How To Work With Children With Learning Disability?

While teaching children with learning disabilities about anything, self-confidence and self-awareness are the two things which are very important.

  • Ask the child to list down the strengths and weaknesses that they possess by giving them the examples of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Give encouragement to the children in talking to the adults who are suffering with learning disabilities and question them regarding their challenges and strengths
  • Work on the activities of the child, which are in their own capabilities. This will be very much helpful in building the success, confidence and competency of the kids.
  • Provide assistance to the child in developing their passions and strengths.
  • Have chats with a, learning disabled child about how do they solve their problems and then share on, how do you approach the problems in life?
  • Question the child on how they will approach their problems.Ask their feelings about dealing with the situations and how it makes them feel and what action is taken by them.
  • Provide the child with some kind of solutions if he or she is hesitant in making the choices or taking the appropriate action for the issue.
  • Discuss with them the various problems, possible solutions, and outcomes with the learning disabled child. Assess on whether the child is taking part in the situation and is able to make their decisions.
  • Talk to the children regarding the rewards that is fetched by the hard work and the kind of opportunities that they can meet in life
  • Help them in identifying their short and long term goals and how to achieve them.

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